Gift #17

Dec. 30th, 2016 05:00 am
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TO: [ profile] fansee
FROM: [ profile] mander3_swish
TITLE: Folkers
GIFT REQUEST: Icons - canon-compliant - Any of the characters.
NOTE: Hi Fansee, I hope these are okay?! If you want me to remove/change any of the text, let me know. Happy Holidays!

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Gift #2

Dec. 30th, 2016 12:30 am
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TO: [ profile] chamilet
FROM: [ profile] mander3_swish
TITLE: All the Pretties
GIFT REQUEST: Header - fluff/schmooop, sexy fun times - Justin/Brian header for FB or Firefox or an iPad 2 or iPhone 5 wallpaper.
NOTE: I did 3 different wallpapers for you for your devices! Just right-click and save. If anything is wonky, let me know and I can resize and email them to you. Happy Holidays!


full size images this way )

Gift #1

Dec. 30th, 2016 12:00 am
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TO: [ profile] lupin111
FROM: [ profile] mander3_swish
TITLE: Dazzling Justin
GIFT REQUEST: Icons - fluff/schmooop, canon-compliant, humor, sexy fun times - sexy and/or sassy Justin icons for LJ/MW
NOTE: Happy Holidays lupin111!!! thanks so much for taking part in the exchange again this year!!

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justin2 copy.jpg justin4-cowboy copy.jpg justin3-cowboy copy.jpg
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justin5 copy.jpg justin6 copy.jpg justin1 copy.jpg

Gift #33

Jan. 2nd, 2016 01:30 am
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FROM: [ profile] mander3_swish
TITLE: Baby It's Cold Outside
GIFT REQUEST: Brian and Justin all the time!
NOTE: thanks for the all the participants this year. A special shout out to [ profile] qafmaniac for making some more vids this year and not asking for anything in return! -Vids still to come :)
SUMMARY: post-513 set in NYC. 1700 words. Mostly fluff with a side of porn. Justin starts his day with a run in the freezing cold, hopes for inspiration at the studio, and then enjoys a sexy visit from Brian.

Baby It's Cold Outside )

Gift #2

Dec. 30th, 2015 12:15 am
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TO: [ profile] reeface
FROM: [ profile] mander3_swish
TITLE: Magic & Diamonds
GIFT REQUEST: Fanmix. crack, fluff/schmoop, sexy fun times, porn without plot Happy Brian/Justin times, any season or beyond. Or the mix Justin plays when painting/drawing. Or Brian's favorite mix guaranteed to get Justin naked. Or the first CD Justin ever burnt for Brian. Anything! I just really love music. :x You're never to play violin music in my presence. (Ha!) Nah, I'm good with any music/artist/style you're feelin'.
NOTE: I think I combined a bit of the first mixtape Justin gave to Brian with his fave mix to paint to, highlighting his love for Yellow Submarine and Moby ;)

magic and diamonds.jpg

youtube playlist l sendspace (password: brianjustin)

music & lyrics )

Gift # 1

Dec. 30th, 2014 01:01 am
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TO: [ profile] xheartrockx
FROM: [ profile] mander3_swish
TITLE: Eat Some Fucking Chicken Soup
GIFT REQUEST: Fanmix. can music be H/C-centric? Brian/Justin
NOTE: I tried for hurt/comfort...this is probably more like angst/hope. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Youtube l 8tracks l sendspace

Lyrics and Music )

Gift # 28

Jan. 4th, 2014 02:00 pm
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TO: [ profile] netlagd
FROM: [ profile] mander3_swish
TITLE: No Endings, Only Beginnings
GIFT REQUEST: Fic. Humor/crossover. Pairing/character/theme/focus: Brian/Justin Chris Colfer/Kurt Hummel and/or some other out celebrity. Could be a client or someone they meet in NY or LA.
NOTE: 1380 words. Post-513 and/or future!fic AU - Five Times Kurt Hummel could have crossed paths with Brian and Justin. No threesomes were depicted in the making of this fanfic, but that doesn't mean none were propositioned. Hope that's okay! AND a huge thank you to [ profile] such_a_steph for her fantastic last minute beta! Much appreciated.

No Endings, Only Beginnings )
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TO: [ profile] galeandrandy
FROM: [ profile] mander3_swish
TITLE: Riding In Cars With Boys
GIFT REQUEST: Post-Series. A fic about Brian and Justin living in New York. Just everyday stuff, would love some humor in there. No over the top shmoop or anit-characters (as in character as possible) please.
NOTE: Five times Brian and Justin are in the back of a New York City taxi cab. And one time they're not. I don't think I've ever written so much dialogue between these two…I hope it's believable and relatively IC! Sorry it took me so long to post it!
Dear Rory, Happy New and I hope 2013 treats you well! I have another story (based on your request) that I magically got an idea for just when I was about to really start hammering this one out… so hopefully that will see the light of day soon!

Riding In Cars With Boys )
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TO: [ profile] katej (OhKate)
FROM: [ profile] mander3_swish
TITLE: Fanmix: Bittersweet Uncertainty
GIFT REQUEST: Anything would be fine, media or fic, as long as it's Brian/Justin focused.
NOTES: Here's a collection of songs I like and feel fit in and go with Brian and Justin, either in canon or post-series.
Thanks again for making those extra icons! :D

Front & Back Covers:

listen here )

ETA: fixed the vid embed links
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To: [ profile] frantic_quest (aka [ profile] delvalmom)

From: [ profile] mander3_swish

Beta: [ profile] later2nite, Thanks so much!! The last few hundred words are unbeta'd, so any and all remaining mistakes are mine or intentional.

Title: And the World Turns Over

Word Count: ~2000

Gift Request: one shot fic or drabble series. post-513 hurt/comfort. Brian/Justin. I'd prefer Brian being the one who needs the comforting, but whatever inspires you. But no major character death or permanent damage. Angst is welcome as long as they are happy in the end.

We're Going In. )


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