Gift #26

Dec. 31st, 2016 11:37 am
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TO: ilovedance1005
FROM: [ profile] delvalmom
TITLE: He’s Only 18
GIFT REQUEST: Justin’s 18th Birthday present; getting to top Brian
NOTE: Toppy!Justin is always fun to write. So I was very happy to try my hand at it for this year’s exchange. Happy Holidays & I hope you enjoy it, ilovedance1005

He’s Only 18 )

Gift #28

Jan. 1st, 2016 06:00 pm
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TO: [ profile] xheartrockx
FROM: [ profile] delvalmom
TITLE: Another Chance at Heaven
WORD COUNT: about 1500
GIFT REQUEST: Fic, fluff with a little bit of angst, Brian/Justin; I'm a terrible prompt-giver, so... "an unexpected gift"
NOTE: I hope [ profile] xheartrockx enjoys this little fic. It didn’t really turn out very fluffy, but there is a gift (kind of) and it is sort of unexpected, so Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!! This is mostly from Justin’s POV and takes place 5 and 10 years post-513.
SUMMARY: Justin finds himself outside a very familiar address on Christmas Eve 2010. Will he find what he’s finally decided he wants inside?

Another Chance at Heaven )

Gift # 28

Jan. 4th, 2015 07:04 pm
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TO: [ profile] asm614
FROM: [ profile] delvalmom
TITLE: All I Want For Christmas
GIFT REQUEST: Future-fic. Brian/Justin, holiday-oriented, perhaps including gift exchange (including gang or privately).
NOTE: About 1,900 words. Mostly holiday fluff, with a tiny bit of porn. I hope you like it, asm614!

All I Want For Christmas )

Gift # 26

Jan. 3rd, 2015 08:58 pm
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TO: [ profile] maybe742
FROM: [ profile] delvalmom
TITLE: If I Gave You Everything
GIFT REQUEST: Post-513. Since same-sex marriage became legal in Pennsylvania this year, I wish for a wedding fic.
NOTE: About 1,950 words. So, this is a wedding fic without an actual wedding taking place, but I hope [ profile] maybe742 likes it anyway.

If I Gave You Everything )


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