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TITLE: Same Time Next Year
GIFT REQUEST: AU. Brian meets a mysterious stranger (Justin) once a year. They spend a week together and then Justin disappears. When it happened the first time, Brian was upset, thinking that Justin got bored and moved on. When they met again the next year and Justin still disappeared after a week, he was furious. The third time, he was confused and desperate to know the truth.
NOTES: I hope you enjoy the gift. It was fun to write.


“Are you sure you have everything? The doctor’s numbers? The number of the hospital? The neighbor’s next door? I will have my cell and can be back in a few hours.” Justin asked his mother.

“Justin, I have everything I need. I have taken care of a two year old in the past. It appears that you and Molly both made it to adulthood,” Jennifer said as she smiled at her son. Leaning over she gives him a big hug and pushes him toward the door. “Go enjoy yourself. You haven’t had any time alone in over a year, not since Briana was born.”

“Mom. I know how long it’s been, but life’s busy and Briana is a full time job and…”

“Justin Taylor. You didn’t expect to be raising a child, but you stepped up when Daphne was ill. She was your best friend and I know Briana means the world to you, but you need to have balance. Now if you don’t leave now, you’ll miss your flight.” She picked up the two year old and kissed her on the forehead. “ Wave goodbye to Daddy, Bri.”

Justin kissed his daughter goodbye. “You be good for Grandma Jenn and I’ll see you in a week.” Justin hoisted the messenger bag across his body and rolled the suitcase out of the house. Putting the items in the car, he took a deep breath and willed himself to back out of the driveway.

It’s only for a week. My mom has had Briana for a few days in the past and last month when I was so sick she cared for her for almost 4 days. You can do this. And… I need to do this. I haven’t had sex in so long I’m not sure if I’ll remember how. The thought of sex resulted in an unfamiliar tightness in his pants. Evidently his cock had not forgotten what that activity felt like.

He had been living in a suburb of San Francisco for the better part of four years, but rarely had the time or inclination to take advantage of the gay friendly culture. He’d decided to play tourist and had booked himself into a small boutique hotel, looking forward to hitting a few clubs and picking up a few tricks. He decided if he was going to go on vacation, he could at least go to a place where there were a variety of museums, beautiful scenery for sketching and of course great dancing. Now that he was at his destination, he was getting excited about the upcoming week. He drove his car to the hotel and checked in. Even though he didn’t plan on using his car during the week, playing tourist to the hilt and taking the local BART or walking, he still wanted it in case Bri needed him. He was tired and decided to take a quick nap so he could begin his explorations refreshed.

He woke and took a quick shower, dressing in some jeans and a black shirt that could easily be worn to hit the clubs later in the evening. Grabbing his cell phone he called his mom to check in.

“Hi,” he said when she answered the phone.

“Hi. Briana just got up from her nap and we’re headed to the park. Have a good time, sweetheart and don’t call every minute. We’re fine. In fact, I don’t want to hear from you until at least Thursday. And if you don’t call then, I’ll just assume you are having a wonderful time and are really busy.”

“Okay. Message received. Love you. Give my big girl a big hug and kiss.”

“Love you and we’ll see you in a week,” Jennifer said as she smiled and hung up the phone. Her little boy had grown up and he was now a father and an artist. How far he’d come from the teenager that barely left their home. She was proud of the man he’d become and she really hoped he would relax and enjoy himself on this vacation.


Brian read through the last of his emails from the day. He’d answered everyone’s inquiry and all the presentations for the current clients were complete. He was ready for his much needed vacation. Cynthia had been on his back to take a vacation for over a year. He had started Kinnetik two years ago and the first year they were working 60+ hours a week. The second year had been better, most weeks were only 50 hours and occasionally there were the actual 45 hour weeks. Brian had given everyone a vacation in the last six months but he’d refused to take one himself. When Cynthia had found him asleep in his office for the fourth time in the last two weeks, she had insisted he would be no use to anyone if he was so burnt out that he could not function. She convinced him that a break would give him new energy and creativity. He finally relented and agreed to go on vacation. Since he didn’t really want to be more than a few hours away, he decided that San Francisco, the gay capital of the US, would be a great vacation spot. He could have anonymous sex and lots of it without any attachments.

There were high end boutiques and great shopping there as well. Any vacation that didn’t include at least one visit to his favorite clothier would not be a vacation. While he often could pass for a straight man, his love of clothing and the finer things in life put him solidly in the gay encampment. Not that he fell for stereotypes nor did he like them, but he definitely cared about his clothes and the presentation he made.

He reviewed his calendar one last time to insure he did not forget anything. Satisfied he shut down the computer and changed his voicemail and email to notify people that he was out of the office until after his vacation. It was unprofessional for the CEO of a company not to respond to emails and phone messages within 24 hours and he’d worked too hard for anyone to call him unprofessional.

He’d planned his trip and had decided to fly from Chicago. He’d made a big presentation in the morning and would be done by early afternoon. Chicago was a much shorter flight to San Francisco than Pittsburgh so he’s arranged to fly on the afternoon flight. Returning to the hotel, he checked out, grabbed his bag and waited for the Uber to arrive. Uber rides were definitely a cut above the taxi. Checking his bag and going through security took another 40 minutes and he found himself at the gate with 30 minutes to wait. He picked up a Wall Street Journal from the airport store and read that until his flight was called. He arrived in San Francisco in the late afternoon and took another Uber to his hotel. He unpacked, hanging his suit up to avoid wrinkles, even though he did not expect to wear it in the next week. He would need it to fly out on Monday morning as he was making another presentation in Phoenix. Deciding to lay down before hitting the town, he undressed and slid under the 1000 thread count sheets where he fell asleep for several hours.

Waking up refreshed, he took a shower, dressed for the evening, grabbed his cell phone, key card and wallet and made his way down to the lobby where he called another Uber to take him to the Castro area. He walked along the streets taking in the sights and finally settled on Thailand Restaurant for dinner. He frequently ate alone as he didn’t like to cook so he enjoyed people watching as he enjoyed his dinner. After dinner, he went to a small bar similar to his local hangout called “Woody’s”. He drank several beers and played 3 games of pool.

It was late enough that he could hit the bars and pick up a few tricks so he headed toward Endup and paid the cover. A gay bar was the same in most every city he visited. Lots of beautiful men with a few over the hill guys thrown in. Unlike Pittsburgh where everyone knew him as the stud of Liberty Avenue, he could look anonymously. He could always find a trick, no matter the city. His eyes went to the center of the dance floor where two men were dancing. There was a young blond and a tall brunette moving to the thumpa thumpa as if they were the only ones in bar. They weren’t really dancing together more like parallel dancing. They weren’t looking into each other’s faces so he felt it was a safe bet that they weren’t together. He did have a few scruples and while he would willingly go home with a guy if he made the moves on him, he was not keen on taking home someone’s obvious partner. The song ended and the blond moved to get a drink from the bar while the brunette continued to dance. He watched the blond to see if he returned to the brunette, but all he did was lean on the bar and drink his beer. The blond was young, but there was something about him that drew Brian to walk toward the bar.


Justin looked at Brian and smiled. “Hey.”

“Saw you dancing out there.” Brian said by way of introduction, his eyes making a slow sweep of Justin’s hot body.

“Been awhile. Want to dance?” Justin returned the eye sweep and liked what he saw. He tilted his head toward the dance floor, inviting Brian to join him.

“I was thinking of other activities I’d rather participate. I’m sure there is a back room in here.” Brian said as he looked over the club for the desired area.

“Sure,” Justin gave Brian his enigmatic smile and they walked toward the back area of the club looking for the ‘back room’.

They located the back room in the far left corner of the club. A long hallway went from the dance floor to a large room with many alcoves. They chose an empty alcove and enjoyed a quick fuck. Brian pulled out of Justin and discarded the condom. Justin turned and walked back toward the music. Brian watched and enjoyed the view of Justin from behind. He pulled up his pants and returned to the dance floor. He brought several men to the back room, but there was something about the blond that just wouldn’t leave his mind. He was feeling the fatigue caused by time change and the late hour so he left the club, grabbed an Uber and returned to his hotel.

While Brian always watched his weight and worked out religiously, he did eat breakfast and found himself in the small restaurant adjacent to the hotel seeking a healthy breakfast. He was seated at a small table in the middle of the restaurant. Asking for his normal guava juice and a glass of water, he peruses the menu deciding what he should order. He feels rather than hears someone coming up to his table and assumes it is the waitress, but when he looks up he sees it is the trick from last night.

“Hello,” Justin said as he pulls out a chair. “Mind if I join you? I hate eating alone.”

Normally Brian would have sent the young man away without a second thought. While he did have a policy at home ‘no repeats’, he wasn’t at home and this young man intrigued him. He thought he might be a nice diversion during his vacation. He had a great butt and was a good lay. If he hooked up with him, he wouldn’t have to deal with wondering if the next guy he picked up would be worth his time.

“Sure,” Brian said as he threw caution to the wind. He was on vacation and he could easily spend a few days with a guy with a great ass, have some excellent sex and go back to Pittsburgh with a smile on his face. Cynthia would surely be happy with that outcome. He motioned for the waitress to take their orders and he looked at the young man with a more careful eye.

The waitress came back and took their orders and Brian turned his cup over signaling he wanted coffee. She came back quickly filling his cup and he proceeded to put two sugars and one creamer in it, making it the color of light caramel. He blew over the top of the cup and took an appreciative sniff of the drink before drinking some. “Good coffee,” Brian said as he set the cup back in the saucer.

Justin eyed the man sitting across from him. The trick last night was definitely satisfactory, more than satisfactory and he was happy that the man agreed to have him join him. Vacation would be so bad if he spent the time with this man. “I’m Justin.” He held out his hand and reached across the table to shake Brian’s hand. “I enjoyed last night.”

“Brian,” Brian said. He eyed the man a second time and was in no mood to play games or chase after something he did not want. “I’m not looking for a relationship, so if that is why you invited yourself to eat with me, you can go find yourself another table.”

Justin laughed. “Good to know. No relationships in my future. Don’t have time. Just want to have some fun.”

The waitress brought their food. Justin was hungry and spread the butter on each layer of his pancakes and then poured at least a quarter of the bottle of syrup over the large stack. Brian watched in fascination as the man carefully prepared his food, almost in a ritualist manner. He took his knife and cut through the four layers of pancakes, carefully stabbed them and popped them into his mouth, moaning in appreciation of the syrupy taste.

“If you moan this much over pancakes, I bet I could make you scream when I ram my cock into your bubble butt,” Brian said as he felt his pants tighten as he watched his table companion relish each bite of the pancake stack. He cut into a small slice of his egg white omelet and ate it as he heard Justin make a small guffaw at his suggestion.

“I’m not in the habit of screaming but you are welcome to try. However, I plan on spending at least a little time this morning at the docks. I want to people watch,” Justin said.

“What the fuck is people watch?” Brian asked as he cut another piece of omelet. He finished his first cup of coffee and signaled the waitress he wanted a refill. After fixing it the way he liked, he took a sip and looked over the rim to look at Justin’s face as he answered.

“I like to watch people; I find it fascinating. You’re welcome to join me but if you want to see if you can get me to scream, you’ll have to wait.” Justin ate the last bite of his pancake stack and licked his lips. Brian watched, wanting to lick them himself.

“I read people for a living. I’m very good at it.”

“Really?” Justin asked, curious but also guarded. The man seemed to be very sure of himself and he wasn’t really looking for entanglements. He wanted to take back his invitation, but something about the man intrigued him. He really didn’t know why he invited himself to sit with him. Sure he had tricked with him the night before, but tricking had its own rules. You trick, don’t ask names and if you run into the person later, you pretend like you don’t know them. Well, those were his rules and they had seemed to keep him out of trouble and entanglements for a long time. He was honest when he told Brian that he wasn’t looking for a relationship right now.

“I’m an ad exec. I have to read people to convince them they want what companies have to sell.”

“So you’re the reason that I like Jiff over Peter Pan Peanut Butter. Who thought of Peter Pan for a name for Peanut Butter? Really Jiff isn’t any better, but a children’s cartoon character would not be my idea of a good spokesman for peanut butter.”

“Actually, Peter Pan is perfect as it is a children’s story book character and children are a prime market for peanut butter. Children identify with the character and beg their parents to buy that brand. It is a very effective tool,” Brian said as he explained the branding. “As stimulating as it is to talk about Peanut Butter, it’s not on my hot topics list.” Brian finished his second cup of coffee and looked at Justin realizing that he found him an entertaining table mate. “So the docks?”

“Yeah. There are tourists and natives there. I like to sit and make up stories in my head about why they are in the area.”

“So you’re a writer?”

“No,” Justin answered quickly and forcefully. Brian was a little surprised at the short adamant answer and decided not to ask what Justin did for a living. He wasn’t going to be dating the young man as they had both agreed so knowing him at that level wasn’t necessary.

“What are your plans for the day?” Justin asked. He really didn’t want to walk away from the table without making some plan to follow through on Brian’s offer. “After all, if you’re going to see if you can get me to scream, we should plan on when and where we are meeting again.”

Brian smiled. He found he really did want to see if he could get Justin to scream. That was as good a goal for his vacation as any other. And truth be told, he was looking forward to the challenge.

“I need some new clothes. I plan on going to Cable Car Clothiers and then hit the Hound’s Gentlemen’s Clothier, maybe a few others,” Brian answered as he touched his shirt with his finger tips. “I’m staying at the Inn on Castro. Room 313. Why don’t you people watch and I’ll shop. You could meet me at 5:00. I should have you screaming by 5:30.” Brian said as he smirked at Justin.

“We’ll see. I’ll meet you there.”


Justin finished his breakfast, paid for the meal and walked back toward his hotel. Thrilled about the encounter with Brian he was no longer questioning his decision to vacation. While he missed his daughter and the life he had with her, he reluctantly agreed that he really needed adult time as well. Perhaps he would think about dating again when he returned. But for now he was content to enjoy the company of a tall, gorgeous man named Brian and to relish in his challenge to make him scream.

He gathered his supplies from his hotel room and took an Uber to the wharf. The smell of the fish hit him before he even exited the car. He loved the city, its vibrant pulse and constantly changing occupants, but he also loved his quiet solitude in its far reaching suburbs. He lived close enough to travel into the city for business and an occasional social event, but he chose not to live in the hustle and bustle of its daily life. His agent was here as was the multitude of galleries where his work was showcased; therefore, he had to come into the city on a regular basis. Today and for the next few days, he was leaving that life except for the joy of watching people and sketching scenes. He was here as a tourist and was adamant that he would not let work interfere in his pleasure.

He spent the day sketching. Drawing the line of tourist boats, each eager to lure customers onto their ships to experience the bay and its magnificent sites, he watched the would be customers stop and read the signs highlighting the specifics of each excursion and then choose which one to take. As he told Brian, he loved to make up stories about people that he watched and today he found a lot of fodder for his imagination. There was the thirty something couple in obvious tourist gear; t-shirts emblazoned with a Hard Rock Café Puerto Rico logo and no jacket or scarf looking to board an expensive excursion that promised to go beyond the bay. He imagined them on a romantic weekend trying to reconnect after dealing with children 51 weeks a year. There was an older man, greying hair and dressed in a long sleeve shirt with sweater vest checking his phone every few minutes. Justin imagined he was there for a rendezvous with his lover but didn’t want to miss an important business call so he kept checking his phone. Odd he thought, all my stories today are about love.

Pushing that thought to the far corners of his mind, he sketched people for the remainder of the morning and then giving into the loud growls emanating from his mid-section, he found a restaurant that sold fish and chips and grabbed some for lunch. After lunch he moved away from the bay area and walked toward the shops. While his daughter was only two, she recognized when he wasn’t there and he wanted to bring her something back. She loved fish and he decided on a child safe stuffed fish.

He also picked up several packages of barrettes to hold back her curly hair. She’d inherited her beautiful curls from her mother and every morning when he got her dressed, he saw a little more of Daphne in her. Remembering how Daphne used to buy barrettes when they were in elementary school brought a smile to his face. Daphne would come into school every morning and show him her barrettes. It became one of their first rituals and while it sometimes got tiring as they got older, he’d give anything to have that carefree time back in their lives. Shaking his head at what if’s, he purchased a new brush to go with the barrettes and placed his packages in his messenger bag.

It was close to 2:00 and he had the rest of the afternoon before he needed to return to the hotel to get ready for his tryst. He wondered if Brian would invite him to spend the evening with him, but that was inconsequential at this point in time. He was going to get fucked by a man who obviously knew his way around the male anatomy and thought himself pretty talented. He had a few tricks up his sleeve as well and looked forward to this evening.

He loved chocolate, actually anything sweet so made his way to Ghirardelli square. While the original factory was closed, there was an old fashioned ice cream shop there and you could purchase their famous chocolate at the Marketplace. He treated himself to a wonderful sundae, enjoying the historic structure and architecture before he then made his way to the Marketplace and purchased a wide assortment of chocolate to ship to his home. He would think of this trip every time he enjoyed his treat.

His next stop was Pier 39 where San Francisco Dungeon was located. He’d heard that the attraction was filled with live actors and told the history of San Francisco. He was fascinated with the old city and thought this would be a fun activity. He wasn’t disappointed. He decided he’d take his daughter there when she was older and could appreciate the stories. After exiting the attraction, he made his way to the famous sea lions. It never ceased to amaze him that these lumbering creatures just showed up one day on the pier and have stayed here for almost 20 years. The pier is man-made and the sea lions are not captive. They come and go at their leisure and no one really knows why they decided to make this area their new home. In 2009, they left for a time but returned the following spring. Again, their departure was a mystery. A museum had been set up in the area and there were now educational programs offered as well.

After his busy day, he called an Uber and returned to the hotel. It was after 6:00 when he returned so he quickly showered and took another Uber to Brian’s hotel.



After finishing his breakfast, Brian called for an Uber and went to his first Clothier. He was pampered, fitted and charmed as he purchased two suits and several shirts. After finishing there, he proceeded to the second shop where he purchased an additional suit, several slacks and four ties. Deciding he needed new footwear to accompany his purchases, he found himself at Nobel shoes where he purchased several pair of Italian leather shoes and a new pair of shoes for the gym. He found that his running shoes did not last more than a few months with all the running he did on the treadmill and at the gym; therefore he was constantly buying new ones. He prided himself on his trim figure. As a business owner and a gay man he felt that image was very important. Never understanding how men allowed themselves to sport a beer belly or worse, gain weight as they aged, he was very careful with his food consumption and participated in daily exercise. After his shopping, he returned to the hotel and worked out in the gym logging his 5 miles on the treadmill and 30 minutes of weightlifting. Feeling refreshed and renewed he returned to his room where he showered and dressed in anticipation of his guest.

Going to his suitcase, he unzipped the inner pocket taking out several ties and a dildo. He’d told the young man that he could make him scream and these were his favorite sex toys. While he did not have a partner back in Pittsburgh, he enjoyed the variety of using toys to enhance his experience. The taste, smell and feel of a man’s cock in his hands, mouth and body were always enticing to him and as he laid out the items. He felt his cock harden and his mouth salivate with anticipation. The blond man had been fun the night before and he wasn’t still quite sure why he invited him to his room, but he was definitely looking forward to plunging his cock into that gorgeous bubble butt again. If he allowed himself to be honest, he wouldn’t mind doing the young man for the duration of his trip. He placed a handful of condoms and the tube of lube in easy reach of the bed and also decided to place some in the living area of the hotel suite. He imagined that they might not make it to the bed at some point in the evening. As he pictured Justin spread eagle on the bed, tied to the four corners with his silky ties, he heard a knock on the door. Glancing at the clock on the nightstand, he saw it was a few minutes before 7:00. Right on time.

Opening the door he eyed Justin from head to toe and liked what he saw. Justin had chosen a pale robin’s egg blue sweater that accented his eyes and dark black jeans that fit every curve to a T. His blond locks were shiny and smelled of Bay Rum, a particular favorite of Brian’s. His smile reached the corners of his mouth and spoke with welcome invitation and excitement. Brian opened the door wide and ushered him in.

Walking over to the mini bar, he looked at its contents and smiled. He hadn’t used the bar this trip but was pleased to see it offered a wide assortment of option. Pulling out a small bottle of Beam for himself, he asked, “For you?”

Justin walked over to the bar and bent down to look at the contents. He swayed his ass slightly making sure he was in Brian’s view. He chose a bottle of Corona and popped the top. Eyeing the chaise in the living room corner, he headed in that direction to enjoy his drink. He too looked at Brian and smiled as he viewed the black button down, untucked, over a pair of blue jeans that also fit every curve. From his investigation, he determined Brian was also going commando. Popping his top off the beer, he took several swigs, moaning in appreciation of the cold brew. Brian gathered a glass and some ice and poured the Beam into the glass. Sitting in the chair opposite Justin, he took several drinks from the glass.

“Did you enjoy your shopping?” Justin asked. He liked the idea of fucking but decided that he wanted this part of the evening to last a little longer. He didn’t relish the idea of a quick fuck; he thought it felt cheap if he deliberately showed up at a guy’s hotel room with the sole purpose of fucking. He wanted a little conversation.

“Sure. How about your people watching? Make up any good stories?” Brian was slightly intrigued by his own actions. He normally would never consider inviting a man to his home to visit. All the men who came to his home were there with the express purpose of getting his needs met. Of course he had friends who came to visit his home, but he wasn’t planning on fucking them. He wasn’t used to inviting people to his room when he was out of town either. Again, he would invite them up for a quick fuck but then kick them out afterward. This behavior of inviting someone to his room with the expressed dare included was out of character. He wondered, not for the first time during the day just exactly where his mind was and what he’d been thinking when he offered to get the man opposite him to scream from his ministrations. He also found that he was actually interested in the answer.

“Good. I saw lots of people at the Pier and watching the Sea Lions is always fun. Did you know that they just showed up in 1989 after the earthquake and have been there since. Of course, there was a time in 2009 where a majority of them left the man made pier for a few months but now they have come back to live. They are so interesting to watch. They make an interesting noise too. I can’t imagine that lying on the pier on top of other sea lions would be comfortable but many of them lie on top of other sea lions and barely have room to maneuver. They walk over each other all the time.” Justin finished his PSA and shared the knowledge he learned this afternoon while listening to the docent from the museum.

“I see.” Brian took another drink from his glass, finishing the amber liquid and got up to fix another drink. “Well speaking of lying on top of each other… I thought you and I were going to fuck and I was going to make you scream,” Brian said as he eyed his guest again. He licked his lips in anticipation of the evening activity.

“Sure. I’m game.” Justin walked to the bedroom where he started stripping his clothes off. Brian watched from the living area, liking what he saw and joined him in the bedroom.

Justin sat on the bed waiting for Brian and smiled as he viewed his companion as well. The man was gorgeous and now that he saw him without clothing instead of in the back room of a bar, he couldn’t wait to be fucked by the beautiful long cock that was rising to the occasion as he watched.

“On your back. I’m going to tie you to the bed,” Brian stated.

Justin obeyed and spread his limbs to all four corners of the bed. Brian went to his pile of toys and located the ties that he’d put out earlier. He gently tied each one around Justin’s arms and legs, securing them to the bed posts with knots. Brian tested each tie and smiled in satisfaction at his handiwork.

Brian leaned down and kissed Justin’s mouth, enjoying the taste of lemon and beer as he explored each area of the cavern. He moved down to his neck where he lapped, kissed and tasted the delicious milky skin. Justin moaned in appreciation of Brian’s talented tongue as it explored his body. Brian moved down from the neck to his nipples, pulling gently at the small piercing of his left one. The pull made his cock strain for touch and he could feel the blood pulsing in the sensitive organ. Brian continued his tongue exploration as he moved down Justin’s torso until he got to his belly button. He swirled his tongue around the edges and then tongue fucked the tiny hole. Skipping Justin’s engorged cock, he moved the bottom of the bed and kissed the tops of Justin’s ankles and made his way up his right leg until he reached the sensitive ball sack and then stopped, moving back down to the left leg to repeat his actions.

After he had explored his torso and legs, he went up to kiss Justin again, lingering in the soft, moist cavern.

“Briannnnnnn,” Justin drew out his name.

“Told you I could make you scream.”

“I’m not screaming, just wanting you to touch my dick. I’m dying here.”

Brian smiled an evil smile, showing all his teeth. He straddled Justin – knees on either side of his torso and lightly ghosted his fingers over the top of Justin’s penis.

“Like that?”

“Yes,” Justin sighed in relief, hoping for more stimulation of the sensitive organ. “Touch me,” he eagerly asked.

Brian removed his body from Justin’s chest and untied one of his legs. He reached over the side of the bed and found the dildo and lube. Slicking the dildo with sufficient lube he held it with one hand. He raised Justin’s leg until he saw the beautiful pink pucker. Gliding the dildo across the peritoneum and pushing it a little bit in the tight hole with each successive stroke, Justin arched his body to capture the dildo as it neared his entrance. Brian played with the dildo around Justin’s entrance for quite a while, pushing it in but not enough to breach the tight ring of muscle that protected it.

“Do it, Brian. Put it in me or put your cock in me. Please,” Justin said as his body screamed for more stimulation.

“Almost there. I mean you are almost screaming. Good. Told you I could make you do it.” Brian took the dildo and laid it on the cloth on the nightstand. Leaning down he kissed Justin, open mouthed and tongue exploring the beautiful mouth. He removed his mouth and then retied Justin’s leg to the bed. Crawling up to the front of the bed where Justin’s head lay, he turned Justin’s head toward his cock. “Kiss it, lick me. Give me the best blow job you have in you and then I will think about letting you come.”

Justin was eager to taste Brian’s cock, remembering the long, full member he enjoyed the night before. He was enjoying this adventure, despite being tied up and essentially at Brian’s mercy. Brian definitely knew how to enjoy sex and he imagined if he let himself go, he would easily allow a scream or two or five coming from his mouth as his body let go with a powerful orgasm. This was sweet torture and he wasn’t ready to end the game. Brian was on his knees, his cock in Justin’s face, waiting for attention. Justin stuck out his tongue and licked the top mushroom head, popping it in and out of his mouth with a slight amount of suction. He could feel the ridged top and the smooth head along with the slit that was already leaking. He ran his tongue over the slit, delving it inside as much as he could from his precarious position. Then he ran his tongue over the full shaft, licking and tasting the uniqueness that was Brian. Brian pushed his cock closer to Justin’s mouth and he engulfed as much as he could into his mouth. He alternately sucked and licked until he could feel the throbbing of the blood as it coursed through the stiff member.

Brian pulled away and again untied one leg and positioned his foot of the bed so he had access to the pink pucker again. Taking the dildo from the nightstand, he added more lube to it. This time he ran the dildo along the sensitive hole, pushing it in an inch and then pulling it out. He repeated the motions, each time pushing the dildo into Justin’s ass a little more with each swipe. Finally it was fully seated and Justin was panting with the fullness and arousal.

“Easy. We’ve only just begun,” Brian said as he grabbed the cock ring that he had hidden on the night stand and placed it on Justin’s rock hard cock. “So pretty,” Brian said as he stroked the top of Justin’s penis as small amounts of cum leaked out from the hard cock. Brian leaned down again and licked the tip of Justin’s penis and then engulfed the entire length, licking and biting the hard cock. Justin’s moans of frustration were getting louder and he was arching his back as he tried to get more stimulation so he could enjoy the sweet release, knowing that it would not come until Brian took off the cock ring. Never had sex been so enjoyable and frustrating at the same time.

Brian licked the cock for a few more moments and then moved up to kiss Justin again. “Are you ready to scream yet?” he asked, the smirk on his face evident as he knew the sweet torture he was inflicting on his bed mate.

“Yes. Oh yes. I’ll scream. I’ll do anything, just let me come,” Justin said as every nerve in his cock and ass were firing repeatedly and he was at the end of his tolerance.

Brian smiled and reached a last time for the condom that he had placed on the nightstand. He ripped open the package and put it on his dick. He untied Justin’s legs and arms, feeling that a tied up partner was great for foreplay, but lacked participation in the act itself and he enjoyed participation. He grabbed Justin’s legs and put them on his shoulders. Reaching for Justin’s ass, he pulled the dildo out, but quickly replaced it with a quick push of his hard cock.

Justin let out a puff of air as Brian pushed into his body, but adjusted quickly to the intrusion of Brian’s cock. He eagerly met Brian’s push with an arch of his body, allowing Brian to hit his sweet spot on each stroke. Soon they were like freight trains rushing to the station, neither one of them able to stop the impending arrival of their orgasm. As Justin felt his orgasm, he screamed “Briannnnnnnnn” and lay exhausted as Brian followed a moment after filling the condom.

Brian lowered Justin’s legs and he lay on top of the young man as he recovered from the powerful orgasm.

“That was hot,” Justin said, exhausted from their joining, more so than he ever remembered.

“It was okay,” Brian remarked, but Justin saw the smirk on his face and the young man relaxed.

They lay on the bed recovering from their sexual adventure and eventually their heart rates returned to normal. Justin turned toward the clock on the night stand and realized they’d been there for almost 2 hours. Unfortunately, his stomach took that moment to growl very loudly.

“Sorry,” he said in embarrassment.

“Sorry’s bullshit. Let’s order from room service and take a shower.”

Unsure what Brian had been expecting after their adventure, Justin was pleased at the suggestion. He got out of bed and found the portfolio with the options for dinner. Returning to the bed, they both looked at the menu.

“I’d like the Prime Rib 10oz with baked potato and Caesar salad,” Brian said as he looked at the choices.

“I’d like that too,” Justin agreed.

Brian ordered the food and then they went to shower.

After they ate, Brian said, “Want to hit the bars again? I feel like dancing.”

“Sure,” Justin agreed. He was still unsure what to expect from Brian but he was enjoying the companionship and the sex was amazing.

Brian and Justin enjoyed a few hours of dancing and drinking. They both took a trick to the back room but neither man stayed long in the dark recesses of the bar. At two, Justin was tired and decided he was time to return to his hotel.

“I’m calling it a night. I had a great time. Maybe next time, it is my turn to get you to scream.”

Brian laughed at the obvious ploy to get back in his bed, but found the idea enticing. “Sounds like a plan.”

“My place this time,” Justin said as he gave Brian the information for his hotel.

“Later,” Brian said.

“Later.” Justin said in return and got in the Uber he had called a few minutes before.

The next day Justin continued his exploration of the city and Brian did the same. When it was time to meet at Justin’s room, Brian vaguely questioned his actions but decided Justin was a great fuck and he saw no reason to not continue their time together. The next night they agreed to meet to fuck and ended up in a bar or club afterward. They both enjoyed the arrangement. This continued for the remainder of the week. Justin knew he could not say goodbye. While neither of them was looking for a relationship, he found his time with Brian refreshing and enjoyable. The sex was wonderful, even the conversation was stimulating and they genuinely enjoyed each other’s company. He hadn’t told Brian anything about his other life and he really didn’t want to do so.

After they’d been dancing for a while at the club on the sixth night, Justin looked around the club and saw Brian heading toward the back room. Deciding this was the perfect time to exit without any awkward conversation, he walked outside and took an Uber to his hotel. He asked the hotel for an early wake-up call and left town the next morning.

Justin had one more day until he was due home. He drove to the place where Daphne was buried and spent a little time talking to his best friend. He wished she could be there in person so he could really talk to her, but this was the best he could do. He drove into a public park in the area and spent the rest of the day sketching. Unfortunately, many of the sketches were of Brian as he could not get the beautiful man out of his head. He took the sketch book and placed it in his car under a blanket and then stopped at a small inn to spend his last night. He was tired, not having slept much the last few days as a result of their marathon sexcapades. He slept soundly and arose refreshed and ready to return to his life.

When Brian finished in the back room, he looked for Justin but could not find the young man. Deciding that a night of going to bed before the dawn broke would be a good idea, he took an Uber back to his hotel and slept until noon. He half expected to see Justin in the little café where they ate breakfast the last few days, but he was nowhere to be seen. He went to Justin’s hotel and asked the concierge to connect him to Justin’s room, but was informed that no one was registered in that room. Brian bristled at the disappearance but realized that they had both stated they didn’t want entanglements and it was fine that he’d left without saying goodbye.
Brian went for a final fitting of his new clothes, bought a few presents for his friends and family at home and also a special Coach purse for Cynthia. He spent his last night of vacation at the club he and Justin had frequented and took a few tricks back to the back room, getting off as usual. He found himself a little angry at Justin, but then he reminded himself, neither one wanted attachments and this was fine.

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