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Hi All,
So I've imported everything from LJ to here. The only things that aren't showing up are embedded videos. If a link wasn't included in the posts, I'll go and stick a link in the comments, as it appears I can't edit imported posts.

This might become our new home, or we might just do it all on A03 next year. we'll see.
In the meantime this will act as an archive - since I haven't crossposted anything to IJ the last couple of years. But everything from the 2014 exchange and older can still be found in all it's glory on IJ =

Date: 2017-01-05 06:51 pm (UTC)
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Mandy, hope you'll consider Midnight Whispers' new site, too, when the time comes ( or A lot of the participating writers are already members there, and with the pending Word Press conversion, we will have all kinds of features available, including the ability to upload videos, post blogs, etc., in addition to stories. We would love to play host for you! Please keep us in mind. And thanks for importing this over here. I love to participate, and I always love reading these stories.

BTW, and a big thank you for undertaking this task every year! I can only imagine how time-consuming it must be. Thank you!! ~Kim


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