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Justin returned home to his life and quickly became engrossed in the everyday trials of a father of a two year old. However when Briana was put to bed for the night and the house was quiet, he would remember his wonderful time with Brian in San Francisco. He would often close his bedroom door, find his favorite dildo and pretend it was Brian using the toy on him. He often found himself crying out the man’s name, but he knew that he had made the right decision in leaving and not saying goodbye. Neither man wanted or expected their week together to turn into something more, but that didn’t mean he didn’t think of his fond memories often.

Back in Pittsburgh, Brian too had fond memories of their short time together and found himself thinking on the excellent sex and fun he had while on vacation. He too, thought of Justin when he used his favorite dildo, and found himself reminiscing about the week in San Francisco.

After a month or so both men became involved in their busy lives and soon the memories of their time in San Francisco faded to the back of their minds. Before either of them knew it, the time for vacation was upon them again and both of them subconsciously chose to return to San Francisco, hoping to maybe repeat last year. Both booked the hotels they stayed in the previous year, subconsciously hoping to see the man from the last year.

The day of the departure came and Justin was unusually excited. He had this feeling that even if he did not see Brian, it would be a good trip. He kissed his mom and daughter goodbye and drove into the city. After checking into his hotel, he unzipped his suitcase and hung up his clothes and put his toilet kit in the bathroom.

Brian too was looking forward to the trip. He landed in San Francisco and checked into the hotel, took a shower and then unloaded his suitcase as well. The time difference was catching up to him and while it was only 10:00 pm in San Francisco, it was 1:00 to his body. He decided to go to sleep and go to breakfast at the same little diner they ate at the year before.

Both men dressed with a little extra care the next morning as they made their way to the little diner down the street. Brian arrived first and found a table facing the door. By placing himself strategically facing the door, he had a good view of all the patrons walking in.

Justin was never one for early rising and being on vacation did not make him want to start the day any earlier. He hated missing a good portion of the day by sleeping late, so he did make himself get up by at least 9:00. That way he was able to get started by at least 10:30 and this left a lot of time to see the city and enjoy the tourist offerings.

He walked to the diner and looked around for an empty table and spotted Brian drinking a cup of coffee. Sitting down at the other empty seat on the table for two he said, “Hey. Can I join you for breakfast?”

Brian smiled and he was happy to see Justin. “Sure.”

“Whose turn is it to make who scream?” Justin said playfully, picking up just where they left off a year before.

“I think it is my turn to make you scream. Sure you’re up to it? I seem to recall your ability to hold off was significantly diminished by the time you disappeared on me last year.” Brian didn’t mean to bring up the abrupt parting and wasn’t really sure why it came out of his mouth. While he had been disappointed and surprised at the departure and lack of goodbye, he was not a lesbian and had no use for romantic words of sentimentality.

Justin chose not to respond to the thinly veiled comment. He knew he needed to keep his personal life and his vacation persona separate. He had his reasons and since both men had agreed that neither was looking for commitment, he felt he did not owe Brian or any other man an explanation for him leaving without saying goodbye.

“I think I’m definitely up to it. In fact, I brought my own toys to play with. I did learn something from our time together. When I returned home, I spent a good bit of time updating my toy box.” Justin’s eyebrows went up, portraying his intentions. “I can’t wait till tomorrow, when it’s my turn to make you scream.”

Brian laughed. He was enjoying the repartee with Justin and was amazed at how easily the two of them fell in with each other. It was almost like they’d been friends for years instead of fuck buddies that hadn’t seen each other in a year. “And what makes you think that we will be doing this again tomorrow? I may have plans that don’t include you.”

Justin ordered his food when the waitress came up. He turned his coffee cup over signaling his desire for coffee and then looked at Brian with a very serious look on his face. “If you had plans and didn’t intend to repeat our exciting week, then you wouldn’t have asked whose turn it was to be made to scream.”

“True. So, you on vacation again?”

“Yes,” Justin answered.

“Going to make up stories again?”


“Okay. Same time as last time. Room number is 513 at the Castro. See you at 7:00.” Brian said as he left the tip on the table and took his bill to the front counter. Justin watched him leave and he smiled to himself. He was going to have a great week.

The second year was a repeat of the first. They each went their separate ways during the day and in the evening they met, they fucked and then they went dancing. This pattern repeated itself for 6 days and on the 7th day, Justin again left Brian in the club during one of his visits to the back room. Again, Brian was surprised and disappointed that Justin left without saying goodbye but he accepted their agreement, no attachment and no relationship.

He realized they didn’t even know each other’s last name and while they talked about many subjects, he still had no idea what Justin did for a living. Justin knew he worked in advertising and they had a few conversations about his career, but when he stopped to think about it, he realized he knew very little about Justin. He could count the facts on one hand.

1. He lived in the area, but far enough away that it was still a day trip to come to the city.
2. He liked to people watch and make up stories about them.
3. He loved chocolate.
4. He was great in bed and could keep up with Brian- a feat few could do.
5. He was educated and could talk about a lot of subjects- just not himself.

Brian thought that knowing only 5 things from almost two weeks of spending time together wasn’t bad, but when he realized that he didn’t know his last name or what he did for a living, it surprised him a little. True they weren’t there for a romantic interlude but it still struck him as odd. When he returned to Pittsburgh, he thought of Justin for a short time, but then got involved with his business, family and friends and the week became a fond memory.

Justin returned to his home, his daughter and his painting. Leaving Brian the second time was a lot harder than the first time. He found himself dreaming about the man. He knew that it was ridiculous. Brian lived clear across the country and he didn’t even know his last name. True, they had agreed that neither wanted a relationship but yet when they hooked up again this year, it was like meeting a long lost friend rather than a fuck buddy. He was sure their meeting this year was a fluke and didn’t think he’d ever see him again. He allowed his memories of the 2 weeks to provide him with happiness and went about his life for another year.

It was the beginning of the month when he normally took vacation and Justin was deciding where he wanted to go this year. Briana was getting bigger but still not ready to take a vacation with her father. His mother had insisted that even when she was old enough to go on vacation with him, he still needed to spend some adult time away from her. Since he worked from home, he was with her a lot. He’d followed his own advice and decided to start dating again after his last week in Frisco but had not found anyone as entertaining and time worthy as Brian. He decided to take one last frolic in the gay friendly city and see what came of the adventure. He hadn’t decided what he would do if he ran into Brian again, but he was definitely thinking about the possibilities.

Brian also was thinking about his vacation. He had admitted to himself that he really enjoyed the two times he ran into Justin, but he had matured a lot in the last two years. He’d become a big part of his son’s life and often had him overnight at least one night a week and at least one day of the weekend. While he was not a celebrator of holidays, he had spent Christmas Eve with his son and delighted in his laughing and joy. He looked forward to this year as he had promised to take the young boy to New York for the holiday. It was still several months until Christmas, but he was already investigating things to do and adventures for the two of them. But at this time, he was vacationing for himself and decided the city by the Bay was his playground for the third year in a row. As he booked his hotel he wondered if he would see Justin again. He vowed if he did, he would find out the man’s last name and a little bit more about him.

Justin arrived at his hotel on Sunday evening. Justin had invested in a new dildo, some anal beads and a large box of condoms. He decided that if he ran into Brian he would show him how his sex toy collection had grown and thank the man for introducing him to their bet of ‘who could scream first’. He laid out the toys and allowed his memories of the previous two years to come to the forefront of his mind. He went to dinner at the diner by the hotel, not expecting to see Brian or anyone else he knew and then planned to go to their favorite nightclub to enjoy some thumpa thumpa to start out his adventure early. Due to commitments from an upcoming show, he’d only been able to squeeze out 5 days this year.

Brian had arrived at his hotel in the Castro in the early afternoon. He’d been able to book a flight earlier since the airline had expanded service to the area. While it was early, 8:00 pm when he arrived, it was still 11:00 his time. He was far from old, only being in his early 40’s, but the long flight still made him tired. He decided a few hours of dancing would get him started right on his vacation. He went to the diner by his hotel and ate a quick bite then made his way to the club where he and Justin often danced.

The club had a catwalk where the patrons could look over the crowd and Brian made his way up to the walkway so he could view the dancers without being obtrusive. As he scanned the crowd, he saw a familiar blond head and he felt his cock get hard in his pants. He watched as Justin danced several numbers, taking in the beautiful man’s physique and deciding what he wanted to do. In the end, his body made the decision for him. He couldn’t let this opportunity go without acknowledging the man’s presence. Making his way to the dance floor, he easily eyed his target, and tapped him on the shoulder. Justin turned around, thinking it another dancer who wanted to cut in, but was shocked and pleased to see it was Brian.

“Brian! What are you doing here?” he said almost screaming over the loud music.

“I came to dance and to pick up men. Isn’t that the purpose of these establishments?” he said, tongue in cheek. “I think it is my turn to scream. What do you say to getting out of here?”

Justin’s cock filled with blood at the friendly suggestion and he nodded his head in agreement. As they walked out of the loud club, Justin took out his phone and called an Uber. Shortly the men were ensconced in the car to begin their vacation. When they got to the hotel, Justin paid the driver and they entered the lobby where they were greeted by the Concierge.

“Good evening Mr.Taylor. The mini bar has been stocked per your request.”

“Thank you.” Justin tipped the Concierge and Brian followed him to his room where they tried out a few of his new toys.

Laying on the bed after the second round of intense sex, Brian said, “I see you have some new toys.”

“Thanks to you. When I got home last year I ordered several items that I found particularly interesting,” Justin said as he picked up a few items from the table. “I thought the two headed dildo might be awkward, but the reviews were good so I bought it. I think we should try that one next. That way we each get to make the other man scream,” Justin said authoritatively, obviously having thought about the possibility a few times.

“Hmm. It’s an idea.”

“You plan on people watching again?” Brian asked casually.

“Yes, and I assume you are buying some new clothes?” This was said more rhetorically rather than a question.

“I have to keep the Kinney image up. After all I’m the CEO of Kinnetik,” Brian said before he realized he revealed his well-kept secret.

“CEO? You own a company?” Justin asked, impressed by the information. “No wonder you come to buy clothes every year.” Justin got up to gather a wet cloth from the bathroom to clean them off. He did not want to go down the road of sharing information. He quickly cleaned them both off and made an exaggerated yawn signaling his desire to end the evening’s entertainment.

Brian read his body language and quick actions as a dismissal and for the time being silently agreed to his unwillingness to share personal information. “I better get going. I’m at the Castro, room 805.” He supplied the information with the idea that Justin would follow tradition and be there in the early evening, but he wondered if that was the case based on his actions in the last 10 minutes.

“Room 805, gotcha.”

Brian dressed and called an Uber to take him to his hotel. He took a quick shower and decided he would not allow Justin to be a mystery any longer. He slept soundly and in the morning he went to his clothiers and was fitted for new suits and pants. Of course, he purchased several pairs of shoes as well.

He laid out his new toys for Justin perusal, almost feeling like his son who had to show Brian his new toys every time he went to pick him up. As the clock on the end table showed 7:00 and there was no sign of Justin, he felt a sense of loss come over his body. He realized he wanted to get to know the mysterious man and hoped that he would at least run into him again at the diner or club. The telephone rang a few minutes later and startled Brian out of his brooding.


“Brian. I’m so sorry, but I can’t make it tonight. I’ve got an emergency at home and have to return.”

“Ok. Is there anything I can do?”

“No. Thank you. I don’t think I’ll be back. Enjoy your vacation.”

“Ok. I hope everything is okay,” Brian said. He wanted to add for him to call him but due to their desire for secrecy, neither had each other’s cell phone or contact information. Brian slammed his hand down on the bed after he hung up the phone. He finally decided to open up more to this mysterious stranger and some fucking emergency interfered. Maybe he wasn’t meant to know Justin. Then he realized the Concierge had referred to him by name. He called him Mr. Taylor. Justin Taylor. I have an entire staff at my disposal that conduct research on lots of things. How difficult would it be to have them find out about the mysterious Justin Taylor? I know he lives somewhere near San Francisco. At least I’ll know more about him and then…. What the fuck, Kinney? What do I intend to do once I find him. He lives fucking clear on the other side of the country. I don’t know but I know I need to find out.

Justin had received a call from his agent about a pressing matter with an upcoming show. The gallery owner wanted three more pieces as another artist had backed out at the last minute. He had worked on several additional pieces for the show but had decided not to present them as they weren’t his best work, but now was going to be forced to do so. He needed to return home to complete them in less than a week. He was highly disappointed but it was business and since his art was his livelihood he would have to forego his screaming contest with Brian.

Realizing Brian had finally told him his last name and the name of his company, he was placated. Brian Kinney, CEO of Kinnetik. The information should be easily located. Maybe after the show, he’d make another trip to see the CEO.

Justin returned home to complete the paintings and sent them to his agent within a few weeks. The show was in a month and he would be in attendance as usual. After completing his paintings, he finally had time to think about his aborted vacation. He decided that he really did want to get to know Brian Kinney, one CEO of Kinnetik. Sitting down at his computer, he Googled Kinnetik and found there were a number of companies with that name. He had no idea where Brian lived so he set out to read each web page, hoping to find the correct Kinnetik. He was lucky that websites were there to talk about the company and some gave information about their executive officers. He knew Brian’s company was an advertising company so after looking at half a dozen web sites, he found one that was an advertising company. It was in Pittsburgh. His show was in Philadelphia, a short distance away. A plan was quickly forming in his mind.

Brian was not as lucky in his search. Evidently Taylor was a common name and there over 100 Justin Taylors in a two hour driving distance from San Francisco. He did not have the advantage Justin had of knowing what the man did for a living. It would have made the search easier. He had almost relented to having to wait another year and hope that Justin showed up for their annual scream contest. It was frustrating to say the least.

Justin’s show was set for the week before Christmas. He knew that was a bad time of year to reach people in the professional world due to end of year projects as well as many companies chose to close due to vacations or lack of business. He hoped that Kinnetik would be open and he would find Brian there. His show was on a Friday evening and he planned on going to Kinnetik on Thursday. He would hopefully see Brian and then go to his show over the weekend. If he was lucky, maybe Brian might even join him. They had talked about art a few times, but Justin had always acted as if did not know a lot about the subject. He was well known in the art world and easily recognizable by collectors and critics. He attempted to remain anonymous when he was out in public and avoided giving out his full name.

He arrived in Pittsburgh on Wednesday afternoon. After leaving the airport, he had a greater appreciation of Brian’s fortitude as the trip was long and boring. He was amazed that Brian had the energy to go out dancing after the plane trip, but he decided that someone in Brian’s business would travel a lot and be used to it. He went to his hotel showered, talked to his mom and daughter and then went to bed. In the morning, he took an Uber to Kinnetik. He’d taken care in dressing, wanting to look the part of a client that had a right to see Brian.

Walking into the lobby he was impressed with the décor. There was a huge painting in the lobby that looked very familiar. As he walked closer, he realized with surprise that it was one of his own. Hmm. Someone has good taste. He went into the glass doors marked Kinnetik and walked up to the receptionist.

“I’d like to see Mr. Kinney.”

“Do you have an appointment?” She asked as she looked at the impeccably dressed man who stood in front of her.

“No. But I’m certain he would want to see me.”

“He only sees people by appointment. He’s very busy.”

“I’m a friend of his. He wasn’t expecting me. It’s a surprise. Could you just please tell him Justin Taylor is here? I’m sure he’ll want to see me.”

Cynthia looked at the gentleman and saw how sincere he was. She thought she knew all of Brian’s friends; after all they frequently called and often stopped in at the office. This man did not seem to fit in the mold of his ‘friends’. He was well mannered and obviously had good taste. He was wearing a Hugo Boss suit. As it was the holiday season and they weren’t really busy, she decided to talk to her boss and see if he would see this unexpected visitor.

“Just a moment. If you’ll have a seat, I’ll see if he can talk to you for a few moments.” Cynthia directed Justin to the waiting blue chairs to the side of her desk. She walked on Brian’s door and received a “come” from the other side.

“What?” Brian asked as he looked up from his desk filled with contracts. While the digital age was definitely in full force, there were still things like contracts that had to be on actual paper. He was reviewing ones that were up for renewal in the next few months.

“Brian. You have a visitor.”

“What the fuck, Cynthia? You know I don’t meet with walk ins.”

“I know. Just here me out. He says he’s a friend of yours. His name is Justin Taylor.”

“Justin Taylor. Is he blond?”


Brian felt his pants get very tight at the mention of the man whom he’d been looking for during the last few months. He’d almost given up hope of finding him, but if he were to get his wish, this unexpected visitor was the mysterious man from San Francisco.

“I’ll be right out.”

“Okay.” Her curiosity had been piqued. She wondered if this was the man Brian had been searching for since his return from vacation. She watched her boss as a smile developed on his face. She walked out of the office and turned to Justin.

“He’ll be out to see you in a moment.”

“Thank you, “Justin said, always the WASP. Justin felt his heart race in anticipation. He hoped Brian would be happy to see him and that they had a chance to see if they would like to move to the next level. He knew they had both agreed to keep their trysts casual but after their aborted time in San Francisco, he wanted to try and see if they could be more than casual fuck buddies.

Brian looked at himself in the mirror and said, “I’d fuck me.” He walked into the reception area and there sat Justin Taylor, the same man who he’d been searching for during the last few months.

“Justin, follow me. Cynthia, I’m not to be disturbed by anyone. That includes Mikey or Lindsay.”

“Sure, Brian.” She watched as both men’s faces showed happiness at their reunion. She hoped she would know the story behind this stranger, but for now, she was thrilled for her boss.

Justin walked into Brian’s office and Brian motioned for him to sit on the white leather sofa. Brian was still amazed that this man was sitting in his office. He’d been searching for him for so long and now he just walked in to Kinnetik, asking to see him.

Brian went to the liquor cart and poured himself a shot of Beam and offered Justin a beer.

“Too early in the morning. Maybe tonight when you get me to scream,” Justin teased, using their familiar phrase.

Brian sat on the chair opposite the couch and sipped his drink. It was after 11:00, late enough for him drink.

“What are you doing here? How did you find me?”

“I’m here for work. And finding you was pretty easy. You told me you own Kinnetik and you work in advertising. It would be a very poor advertising company if it didn’t advertise itself,” Justin said as he smiled his brilliant smile.

“Work? What exactly is it that you do? You’ve never said.”

Justin laughed. “You have some of my work right here in your prestigious company.”

Brian looked at Justin with slight shock on his face, as he realized who the man was. “You’re that Justin Taylor? The artist?”

“One in the same. Not only do you have good taste in clothing and architecture….” He let the thought linger for a moment and continued, “ By the way this building is very unique. What was it before you remodeled?”

It was Brian’s turn to laugh. “It was a bath house. In fact, my office was the showers.”

Justin laughed as well. “I’m in town for a show. I have a show tomorrow in Philly. Once I finished my emergency pieces I had time to Google you. When I found you lived so close to my show, I decided I’d take a chance and see if you were interested in a little screaming match,” Justin said, tongue in cheek.

“I own several of your pieces. You are very talented. I guess that explains why you never told me who you are.” Brian said as he looked at Justin. He was dressed in a suit; Hugo Boss looked good on him. He looked very different than the man he’d been seeing in San Francisco for the last three years.

“Got it in one.”

“But why look me up now?”

“I decided I wanted a change. I thought I’d ask you if you were interested in more than a screaming match. While we’ve only spent a few weeks together, I think there’s a definite chemistry.”

“I’ve been looking for you since you left San Francisco. Did you know that there are over a 100 Justin Taylors within a 2 hour driving distance?”

“You’ve been looking for me?” Justin asked, surprised at the confession, but happy to hear it. Maybe his heart wasn’t wrong in coming here.

“Yeah. Seems that I wanted to determine the same thing. So what do you say to exploring that option?”

“Sounds good. But I have to tell you something really important before we begin.”

“I have a daughter. She was my best friend’s child and when she died a few years ago, I obtained custody of her. So I don’t come without baggage.”

Brian nodded at this information. He’d been a part of Gus’s life for over 8 years and found he enjoyed that role. “Okay. I have a son too, but he doesn’t live with me. He lives with his two moms, but I see him 2-3 week. In fact we are spending the holiday in New York next week. Why don’t you join us?”

Justin smiled at the invitation and let out a deep breath. He knew that Brian and him were meant for something more than a yearly screaming match. There were a lot of hurdles, the biggest one being where he lived. But this holiday was beginning to look magical after all. Justin sat still for a few minutes as he contemplated the logistics of taking Briana and most likely his mother to New York.

“So, are you coming or going? Or coming and then going? Or coming and staying?" Brian asked and then stood up to kiss Justin before he could answer.

The End
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