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Dec. 30th, 2016 04:30 am
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TO: [ profile] lucretiaseeks and on wordpress and AO3
FROM: daisybelle (tumblr)
TITLE: The Mural
GIFT REQUEST: I really like to read about Brian and Justin post Season 5, happy and successful, with or without the help of the ensemble. I never seem to get tired of this. Children are good or not, as you prefer. I don't like seeing our boys paired with others, especially Michael. With the holidays, maybe just a slice of life at Britin or in NYC or wherever to. Check in on how they are doing? The further we get from cannon, the less I care about realistic timelines. AU's are particularly good.

It took Brian some time to notice that the limousine wasn’t taking the route to their apartment, but admittedly Justin’s blowjobs were still spectacular and after a week without them it was very easy to get distracted.

“That’s not the way home,” he mumbled between lazy kisses, tasting himself on Justin’s tongue while stroking him slowly to completion. So naturally Justin’s answer was a little bit breathless and incoherent.

“It’s … aaah … a … surprise.”

Brian pulled out of the kiss, raising a questioning eyebrow.

“Surprise,” Justin laughed and tried to recapture his mouth. Keeping their distance Brian stopped stroking Justin’s cock.

“Brian,” Justin whined. He wriggled in Brian’s lap to get a little friction, but Brian held still.

“Tell me,” he brushed a kiss over Justin’s mouth.

“Please,” Justin begged. Their eyes met. The streetlights provided just enough light for Brian to see how wide blown Justin’s eyes were. His face was a composition of light and dark and without really thinking about it, Brian lowered his mouth to Justin’s in a melting kiss.

“Brian,” Justin whispered again, and Brian couldn’t resist and started stroking him again. For a moment Justin held his gaze until he dropped his head against Brian’s shoulder. Brian recognized the signs of imminent release and with practiced ease he produced a tissue to catch everything. Justin just lay sated against Brian’s chest and he only needed to turn his head to press a kiss in the blond locks.

“What’s the surprise?”

“It’s a surprise,” Justin sighed.

Brian watched the lights move over Justin’s hair as the limousine made its way through the city. Finally Justin moved again, raising his head.

“Welcome home!” He pressed a kiss to Brian’s lips before he turned sideways to rummage through his jacket, pulling out a dark scarf, obviously intended as a blindfold.

Brian looked at it and at his partner.

“Justin …”


Justin watched him earnestly. Brian managed to resist for one minute before he gave in to the inevitable. Justin just smiled blindingly, kissing him deeply while tying the scarf behind his head.

“How long?”

“We are almost there.”

When Brian tried to ask for more, he was silenced by another kiss that had nothing in common with the fierce sexual heat of their earlier kisses, only contained the deep routed security of each other’s love. It also meant that Brian had no idea how much time had passed when the driver announced their arrival.

“Great,” Justin murmured and nibbled for a short moment at Brian’s lower lip before he climbed off Brian’s lap. Brian heard the rustling of clothing and felt the breeze of cold December air when the car door was opened. Justin took his hand and guided him out of the car. It was only a few steps until Brian heard the opening screech of a metallic door. A screech he recognized immediately.

“We are at Kinnetic,” he observed, only to be hushed by Justin. Now that Brian knew where he was he could feel the uneven floor under his feet broken up by old rails. They stopped in Kinnetic’s lobby and Brian was turned to the wall where usually his logo and two of Justin’s pictures hung.

He felt Justin’s hand in his hair, and the blindfold was released. For a moment he was blinded by the light and had to blink a few times to clear his eyes, but then he saw it.

It was amazing.

A gigantic mural covering the whole wall.

Brian could easily recognize Justin’s style, but it took him a moment to make out the details.

It was a collage of Kinnetik's history.

Their history.

The starting point was obvious: The opening of Kinnetik Pittsburgh. He could see himself on stage opening a bottle of champagne; Justin with his Pink Posse haircut next to him, on his other side Linds. The scene morphed into the opening party of Kinnetik NY.


Their realtor was a recommendation of Justin’s mother. It had taken her only two months to find an apartment that appealed to both their styles. Brian’s minimalism was a nice contrast to the large kitchen Justin insisted on. The glass walls in one of the rooms made an excellent art studio and the bedroom had walk-in closets. An office for Brian, a room for Justin as well as another guest room for Daphne or the girls made the apartment almost perfect. And as much as they both liked the view from their terrace, the most favored item was certainly the Jacuzzi.

So their apartment had been a complete success, that’s why he had entrusted Elaine with the hunt for his New York office of Kinnetik. Elaine had been up to the challenge, although finding something that matched Brian’s vision with Ted’s calculations took her six months. In the end an old factory for machinery caught their eye. The renovation and rebuilding took another six months before Kinnetik NY could officially open.

Justin and he had escaped their whole Pittsburgh gang the night before the opening and celebrated in their own way with christening almost every surface. They had slept on the floor in the new conference room, only to be woken by Cynthia who had let the cleaning crew in.


Brian smiled at the memory before his gaze wandered further. He recognized the silhouette of Chen’s beach resort.


A gentle breeze was moving the curtains slightly and played with Justin’s hair who was sleeping peacefully next to Brian. Brian wasn’t sure what had woken him since it was still early and the beach resort campaign had caused him several long days until deep into the night. And not the fun kind. But now he was feeling wide awake, looking out of their bedroom to see the light of the early sun. A little sigh drew his attention back to Justin, his mouth slightly open, his hair a wild mess. Brian didn’t resist the impulse to follow the contours of Justin’s face with his finger. He traced the beautiful shaped mouth, followed his jaw line, traced his cheekbones. When his finger slid down Justin’s nose, he smiled at the adorable crunch of Justin’s nose.

“Time?” Justin murmured barely audible.

“It’s still early. Sleep.”

“ ‘kay.”

Justin settled back and Brian thought about his plans for Justin’s birthday. Room service would bring them breakfast, later they would make a boat trip with some snorkeling and before dinner in one of the best restaurants of the island, they would both receive a massage. Listening to his partner’s deep breaths, he considered his ideas for the rest of the day, but felt himself drifting off before he could get too excited about them.


The beach resort bled into the main poster for the McNamara campaign. God, they had one of the worst fights during that campaign.


It was long after midnight when Brian opened the door to their apartment. Everything was dark and still, but he could he see a sliver of light under the door of Justin’s studio. Usually the door would be wide open and he would just walk in to greet his partner, maybe seduce him to a session in the Jacuzzi. But now the door was just another physical manifestation of the distance between them. He shrugged out of his coat and slipped out of his shoes. He made his way to their bedroom, to his closet. Brian changed into a jeans and a simple muscle shirt and wandered back into the bedroom.

For a moment he stared at the bed – one side used, trashed by an unruly sleep, the other untouched. The ache in his heart was by now a constant reminder of their fight and it took all his effort to turn away. He walked barefooted on their terrace, staring unseeing over the lights of the city until the cold became too much to bear. Unable to face their bed again, he made his way across the hall to Gus’ room, their guest room already claimed by Justin.

He stared for a long time at the ceiling, watching the moving lights reflecting cars on the street below. It took him ages to fall asleep, only to be shaken awake what felt like minutes later.

“Cynthia called. You are late.”

He stared at Justin uncomprehending for a moment, just taking the sight in, before he understood what he had been told.

“What time is it?” He asked urgently.

“Half past nine.”

“Fuck! McNamara!” He jumped out of the bed, rushing to the door.

“His plane is delayed,” Justin stopped him. “He is still in Chicago.”

“You sure?”

“Yes, Cynthia told me so. You are lucky.” Justin explained. “As always.”

The last bit was almost inaudible, but the bitterness was clear. And something inside Brian broke.

“Yes, I always thought so,” he started. “But I always made my own luck.”

He turned, but he didn’t dare to look Justin in the eyes.

“As did you,” he continued. “You always did what you wanted. That’s what I admired about you.”

He met Justin’s eyes. “You never needed my approval.”

Justin looked at him with an unreadable expression.

“But you always had it.” Brian took a deep breath. “That … and my love.”

He saw the tears in Justin’s eyes and started to hope.

“After the pitch, Cynthia scheduled a lunch,” he began carefully; “I’d like to introduce my partner.”

Justin bridged the gap between them to press a kiss to his lips, much too sweet for them beside the salty tears, but it was all that Brian needed.

“Have Cynthia call me with the details,” Justin leant his forehead against his and they breathed each other in until Brian could hear his cell ringing.

“You need to go,” Justin murmured.

“I know.”

Brian kissed Justin one more time before he went looking for his phone.


Over McNamara’s campaign Justin had placed one of Liberty Air’s planes.


When Brian activated his cell he was bombarded with a multitude of voice mails and messages from Justin, Lindsay, Debbie, Michael, and Cynthia. Without bothering to checking any of them he called Justin.

“What happened?”

“Gus had an accident. He has a broken leg and is in hospital, but he will be fine.”


“He was sledding and lost control. I already spoke to Lindsay and Mel. It’s a clean break. They want to keep him overnight in the hospital, but he is okay.”

“Okay, I’m flying to Toronto,” Brian declared.

“Way ahead of you.” Brian could hear Justin smile over the phone. “Check your emails. Cynthia has already booked your flight. You’ll arrive 15 minutes after me; we pick up the rental and go to the hospital.”

Brian closed his eyes.

“He is really okay?”

“Yes, he is. Call Linds, she is currently with him.”

“Will do. Justin …” He didn’t finish the sentence. He didn’t know how. ‘Gus is important to me.’ or ‘I don’t know what I would do if something happened to him.’ ‘Thank you for being there for me.’ ‘I love you.’ All of the above.

“I know. See you in two hours.”


Liberty air became CEB beer. The taste of their beer would forever be the taste of cancer to Brian.


Brian watched the limousine with the people from CEB disappear into the traffic and turned around to get back to his office. Cynthia was waiting for him, her face a picture of grim determination, in her arms his coat. He raised an eyebrow at her.

“Dr. Zimmer’s office called. There was something unusual in one of your tests. They want you to retake it.”

“Something unusual?”

“That’s what they said.”

A cab stopped next to him. Cynthia stepped forward and hung his coat over his shoulders and gave the address of Zimmer’s practice to the driver.

“Justin will meet you there.”


Thank god, it had just been a faulty test. Brian shivered a little when he thought of that week. By contrast the Parson campaign was connected with much better memories.


Brian nipped at his beer and watched the bride and her best man dancing. He could see Daphne and Justin laughing like they always did, when they were in each other’s company. Daphne’s new husband slowly waltzed nearer and finally exchanged his dance partner, his new mother-in-law, against his wife. Justin just kissed Daphne on his cheek before he opened his arms to Daphne’s mom. Brian waited until the last notes of the song were fading and Justin had accompanied his dance partner back to her table.

“May I have this dance?”

Justin just smiled at him, his sunshine smile, and followed him back on the dance floor. ABBA’s Chiquitita had started playing. They both started moving, much closer together than Justin had been with his former dance partners.

“You were right, you know?” Justin whispered.

“About what?”

“I never forgot this dance.”

Brian just breathed in and then finally pressed a kiss into Justin’s hair.

“I’m glad,” he managed.

“Yeah, me too.”


With a smile Brian’s gaze glided to the next motive. The O’Leary account – one of the few where Justin had done the art work for him. Mostly out of necessity, otherwise they would have been late for Debbie’s wedding.


Where Daphne’s wedding had been elegant and tasteful, Debbie’s and Carl’s wedding was colorful and loud. But the love and happiness were the same. Brian watched as Debbie and Carl exchanged vows, Jennifer Taylor and the girls as her bridesmaids, Michael had been the one to give her away.

He wondered if he should say something when the question came, but decided against it when a pointed glare from Debbie met his eyes. She still knew him too well. Justin leant even further into him and Brian just handed him a tissue, knowing his partner’s ‘allergies’.

On his other side, Gus tried to look as unimpressed as any teenager would but every so often a smile appeared. JR was just beaming brightly as were Hunter and Ben. Brian could hear Emmett’s sobs and Ted’s tutting and wondered if a large box of Kleenex might be the right present for Emmett’s own wedding next month.

He watched Debbie not even waiting for the priest’s permission before she kissed her new husband and Carl kissing back just as enthusiastically. That had been the first moment when the idea had entered his mind.


“Do you like it?” Justin interrupted his thoughts.

“I do.” He kissed his partner and finally took the rest of the surprise in. A table for two, with candles and a bottle of champagne.

“Do we have something to celebrate?”

“Nothing special,” was Justin’s reply.

“I can change that.”

Justin looked at him questioningly, so Brian took out the box he had bought more than ten years ago.

“Marry me?”

“Are you serious?”

“As serious as anyone who has booked us an appointment with the judge in two days.”

“Well, if you are this serious.”

“I am.”

“Then yes, I will marry you.”
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